How Much Does Spray Paint Cost? [Definitive Guide]

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In this detailed guide, we have discussed the solution to the query “how much does spray paint cost” that you will find helpful.

Every artist, whether professional or amateur, needs to know what the prices of their materials are. Whether you’re looking for good deals on spray paint or simply trying to keep an eye on your budget, it’s always good to know what different types of paints cost.

There are many types and brands of spray paint available on the market. This can make it difficult to keep track of prices if you want to compare them.

When it comes to costing a project, you don’t want to guess how much material costs will be without knowing exactly how much each different type of paint costs; that is why we have done the research for you.

This article will cover how much does spray paint cost in detail so you can easily compare your paints and be able to estimate a personal or professional task with ease, so you won’t have any trouble pricing one.

class=”wp-block-heading” id=”generally-how-much-does-spray-paint-cost-for-common-use”>Generally How Much Does Spray Paint Cost For Common Use?

Generally, spray paint prices can vary anywhere from $4 to $16 for a standard 16 oz. can of spray paint. Of course, this price is for common use.

You can find ones that are cheaper or even more expensive than this. Still, they usually come in smaller sizes and tend to be specialty paints made only for certain applications like automotive touchups or even very specific uses like graffiti removal.

They also tend to be of lower quality and aren’t as durable as higher-end paints that are made for surfaces that come in a larger size. You can read our detailed article on fixing uneven spray paint surfaces.

For example, while a can of $4 spray paint may be convenient, it won’t save you money if the specific spray paint isn’t appropriate for the task.

Using the incorrect spray paint on metal or outside furniture will only lead to failure. Spraying paint over an entire surface is a one-way ticket to disappointment if you don’t thoroughly clean the sanded area.

The spray paint will chip and wear off after a few days, maybe a few weeks, depending on how well it was applied.

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List Of Top-Quality Spray Paint Brands

The best spray paint brands are known for high-quality paints that last and last. Even the most expensive brands offer a smooth, consistent coat that doesn’t run or drip after application.

You can get more than one project done with just one can of quality brushes, and rollers do not even compare to spraying when it comes to fast coverage and ease.

You also won’t have to invest in a separate primer for your project that will typically cost another $10 on top of the price of whichever their brand is.

Below listed brands are not just cost-effective but also serve better than other paints.

Krylon Spray Paint

Krylon is one of the most well-known spray paint brands on the market. In fact, it’s trusted by both professionals and amateurs to cover all types of materials.

The price for a Krylon can typically range from $5 to $13, depending on whether or not you go with a rust-proof paint or a specialty paint like a pearlescent or metallic.

It is still an excellent choice for DIYers, as they offer a wide range of colors and are generally inexpensive to buy at art stores.

At a fraction of the price, they offer a high-gloss black and white paint that is very similar to Rust-Oleum’s at $5 per can.

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Rust-Oleum is another brand that’s trusted by both professionals and amateurs for a good reason. It has an extensive line of paints that are made to cover almost any surface.

Rustoleum paint costs about $5 per can, but there are also specialty paints for metals or plastics that will cost more than the standard colors.

You should always spend the extra money on quality paint like Rust-Oleum if you want to achieve professional-looking results.

The glossy white and black paints are considered specialty paints and will be more durable than a basic color. They will also go further, and you’ll be able to cover your entire surface with fewer coats depending on the material.

Montana Spray Paint

Montana is a well-known high-end artistic art & luxurious look that is trusted by professionals and amateurs alike. The high price tag makes it an excellent choice for those who want to become serious artists or simply want something of good quality because the value outweighs the cost.

The entire 12 color set can go for as much as $100 depending on the retailers. Montana spray paint is known for its vibrant colors that are opaque and don’t require excessive coats.

A few quick sprays will be all you need to achieve a smooth, even coat on your project. This painting is excellent for any artist, and it’s a must-have. However, be aware that it won’t come cheap.

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Cost Differences Among Spray Paints

The cost of paint is determined by many things, not just the brand. The sort of spray paint utilized plays a role in the final price as well as how successfully the job turns out overall.

Speaking of spray paints, there are several types with different prices, but it depends on the individual painter and their needs and what type of paint they are looking for.

Gloss Spray Paint

Gloss paint is by far the most common type of spray paint available, which makes it very easy to find. It typically costs around $5-$8, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

The average person will be happy with gloss spray paint because there are countless projects that can be completed with it. ‚ÄčThe cost of spray paint is determined by how well the job turns out overall.

Gloss spray paint is a type of paint that’s used in between the matte and metallic spray paint price ranges. Gloss spray paint is another frequently utilized sort of paint due to its flexibility.

Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic paint is another popular choice for DIYers, as it will give a professional look to any project. It’s not uncommon to find metallic spray paints priced anywhere from $10-$15 per can.

Metallic spray paint works best on metal surfaces and should only be used lightly on wood or plastic. If you plan on using metallic spray paint for a project, make sure to account for the extra cost over other paint types.

However, if you’re just looking to spruce up your decor, then these paints are certainly worth the price. There are many metallic spray paint available in the market.

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Matte Spray Paint

Matte spray paint is a popular choice for those who want something different from the high-gloss of metallic paints. The cost of matte paint ranges from $4 to $6 per can, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

One point to remember when using matte spray paint is that the final texture will be very different from gloss or metallic. Matte spray paint is a type of paint that’s excellent for those who want to achieve a matte finish with a clean, tight look and feel.

Automotive Spray Paints

Automotive spray paint is an excellent choice for those who want something durable, long-lasting, and high impact. The average cost of automotive spray paint will be around $7-$13 per can, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

Automotive spray paints are commonly used on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. These spray paints are high quality that will hold up to wear and tear better than other types of spray paint. If you are planning to paint car rims then we suggest you read this guide.

It’s vital to make sure that the spray paint you’re using for your vehicle’s paint job will adhere and endure. Gloss, metallic, matte, and automotive spray paints are all used frequently by painters across the world.

The type of spray paint utilized plays a role in the final price as well as how successfully the job turns out overall. They can be found in a wide variety of colors and finishes to suit any need, so it’s crucial to take the time to do your research before making a purchase.

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High Heat Spray Paints

High heat spray paint is not a much expensive type of spray paint. The price itself ranges from $5 to $6 per can, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

It’s considerably slightly expensive than other types because high heat paints must endure intense heat and elements without melting or peeling, and that will be exposed to those conditions.

If you’re using high heat spray paint on a surface that will be exposed to extreme elements, then the price goes up as well because that area is highly vulnerable to extreme elements and will require high-quality paint that can stand up to them.

High heat sprays are also used frequently by painters in industrial applications such as furnaces and welding equipment where the paint must endure intense heat and elements without melting or peeling.

If you’re going to paint a vehicle or anything that will be dealing with high temperatures frequently, these are critical details to get correct.

Exterior Spray Paints

Similar to above mentioned high heat spray paint, exterior spray paint is a type of paint that will deal with intense elements. The price of exterior spray paint ranges from $4 to $10 per can, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

As with high heat paints, if the area that’s being painted will be exposed to harsh weather conditions frequently, then the price goes up accordingly because that area is highly vulnerable to intense elements and will require high-quality paint that can stand up to them.

If you’re going to paint any outdoor project such as any wood surfaces, fence, mailbox, etc., then exterior spray paint is the way to go to ensure your project lasts through any type of weather conditions.

Using high-quality spray paint can help ensure your outdoor project stays looking great and shiny even after many years. If you’re looking for durability and quality in your paint job, be sure to carefully research which type of paint you’re going to need for your project.

Professional Spray Paint

Professional spray paints are a type of paint that’s excellent for those who have professional-grade equipment or know how to handle painting equipment.

It’s an excellent choice for any project that requires the best possible quality and design. Professional spray paints can cost anywhere from $8 to $20 per can, depending on where you get it from and what brand you’re buying.

They can be found in a wide variety of colors and finishes. These types of paint should stay super vibrant and saturated while being extremely durable.

This type of spray paint is costly because of the materials that are used during production, but it’s worth every penny if you have the money to spend on it.

The most significant characteristics of this sort of paint are vibrant color intensity and saturation, exceptional tenacity, and resistance to chipping, scratching, flaking, rusting, fading, or any other damage that might harm the finish in a way that was not planned.

Professional spray paint can be found at many local hardware stores and major department stores like Walmart or Target. They also have their own online shops where you can easily purchase their products.

All-In-One Spray Paint

All-in-one spray paint is a type of less expensive spray paint that’s meant to be used for small projects around the house. They are incredibly affordable, but the quality isn’t great, so these types of paints are best suited for more basic painting projects.

This type of paint will stay safe on most surfaces, but it makes use of less expensive materials, which can cause it to flake off if not used properly.

However, this type of paint is the cheapest you’ll ever find in the spray paint category! It typically costs $5 per can and sometimes even less, depending on where you get it from.

All-in-one spray paint can be found at most local hardware stores.

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How To Apply Spray Paint In The Right Way

As you went through the article above, you may have noticed that we have provided you with a list of top spray paint brands and cost differences.

While it might be interesting to read about these things, you don’t know the big picture unless you have tips on how to apply this paint in the right way.

We are going to provide some quick tips below so that when you go out and purchase your own spray paints, you’ll have a good understanding of what is expected of you during that process.

Spray Primer

Before you actually start painting, it’s best to apply a primer first. Primer can be applied directly to the surface you plan on painting and is essentially meant to give the surface more texture so that your paint won’t flake or chip off easily.

When it comes time for you to apply your actual paint, remember not to use too much or too little; otherwise, you will run into problems.

Many paints advertise to be a mix of paint and primer, but we think it’s always better to get a separate spray primer if you expect to use one because it will give a smooth surface for your paint to adhere to.

Furthermore, they’re generally quite cheap, costing around $5 per can, and they’ll help your paint adhere to whatever surface you’re painting, whether it’s plastic, vinyl, or aluminum.

No matter if you’re painting over metal or on top of the plastic, primer is vital to the process because it will provide your paint with more durability and texture so that everything stays intact for longer.

Clear Coats

Clear coats can be used over any color and finalize the design of your spray paint masterpiece. A clear coat is typically one of two things: a glossy or matte finish, depending on whether you use enamel or acrylic paints.

Before you add a clear coat, make sure your paint job is done and dried enough that it won’t smudge or chip. If not, you’ll need to wait!

When applied, a clear coat gives your paint job a shiny finish that accentuates the color beneath it. Clear coats are not completely necessary for any project, but they do have some uses.

It’s also a fantastic choice for fine art or graffiti since it protects your final product from blurring and fading.

Is It Necessary To Sand It Down First?

The short answer to this question is “it depends” because sanding is more of a preference. If you’re looking for a smoother, even finish, then sanding down the final product is your best bet!

However, keep in mind that sanded paint jobs are more susceptible to scuffs and scratches, so if this isn’t something you want on your final product, you don’t have to sand it.

On the other hand, there are plenty of projects that don’t require sanding and can be used for spray paint jobs. Let us look at some examples.

If you’re planning to paint metal-based patio furniture, we would suggest roughing up the surface with sandpaper before priming lightly.

You can proceed further (skip this step) if you’re just repainting any surface of the wood or do-it-yourself project that isn’t going to be a high-contact surface, such as furniture.

Final Words

We hope this detailed guide on how much does spray paint cost was helpful and solved your query. The cost of spray paint can vary depending on the brand, type, and color of spray paint. In general, the price for a can of spray paint ranges from $2 to $10.

However, there are some high-end brands that can cost up to $80-$100 per can. It’s important to do your research before you buy, so you get the best deal possible.

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