How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass [Quick & Effective]

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Are you looking for a solution on how to remove spray paint from glass? You’re at the right place where we have discussed everything in this guide.

No matter how careful one is, there’s always a chance that things will get ruined. This includes cars and windows. While taking precautions can minimize the chances of damage, sometimes it cannot be prevented, and damages and stains show up.

Some stains may be hard to remove, like spray paint from glass. Spray paint on car windows or any other glass surface can be a real mess, but it does not mean that the window, paint, and window cleaner will be thrown out of the window.

There are many ways to your query on how to remove spray paint from glass, and this article will give a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Step On How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass

No doubt eliminating spray paint is a tough job, but it can be done. But we have to keep a few things in mind. First of all, it is important to know that it takes some time and patience.


It can’t be done instantly – spray paint from glass cannot disappear as if by magic – but it will take a little time and effort on our part.

Secondly, there are different ways in which spray paint may end up on the glass, and all methods of removal will vary based on the type of glass surface, the type of paint used for painting, and other such factors.

Thirdly, it is important to know that not every method will work on every kind of spray paint from glass. The best way to start anything that starts with “how” is to know about the tools and products needed for the removal process.

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Removing With Acetone

To begin with, acetone can be an excellent solution for removing spray paint from glass. Acetone is made up of carbon and hydrogen, and it is an organic compound that has been known to have different properties depending on its use or the surroundings.

In other words, when used as a cleaning agent, this chemical removes dirt and grease from surfaces, dissolves adhesives, and can remove spray paint from glass.

This chemical has been used to remove spray paint from glass for many decades now, even before the invention of window cleaners.

While it can be great sometimes, acetone is not recommended for use on plastics. It may have a negative effect on the material. However, it can remove spray paint from the glass with ease.

For removing paint, acetone should be applied to a cloth or an old toothbrush if small holes are desired in the surface of the glass.

Once the cloth has been applied with acetone, it should be rubbed over the surface of the spray paint on the window. Then, this spot should be rinsed off with water to see what happens next.

If this process does not work, acetone can be used in stronger doses or in a different way. Say, if a cloth does not work, the user should try using a cotton ball or a few cotton balls it is better to avoid big pieces of cotton as they might just push the paint deeper into the surface.

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Removing With White Vinegar

Another great and popular method of removing spray paint from glass is using white vinegar. This product can be found anywhere and is inexpensive, making it a good choice to remove spray paint from glass easily and efficiently.

White vinegar has always been an essential part of many households – used as a salad dressing base or as a cleaning agent. It is even used in cooking to add flavor. This product is safe on all non-porous surfaces and can remove spray paint or ink that has been applied on the glass with ease.

First of all, white vinegar should be poured into a spray bottle like any other window cleaner, though some regular bottles will suffice if they are clean.

Then, the window should be sprayed thoroughly with the vinegar, followed by wiping clean with a cloth. It may not completely erase all of the paint, but it should at least reduce its appearance.

If that doesn’t work, white vinegar can also be applied to a small sponge or an old toothbrush and rubbed on the paint’s surface in circular motions. It should remove some of the paint if this method is used.

If both these methods fail and it becomes absolutely necessary, there is one more thing to try: sandpaper. White vinegar can be applied on a piece of sandpaper and rubbed on the area that’s been sprayed with paint, but this method should only be tried as a last resort.

It’s not recommended because it might ruin the glass entirely or damage its surface, which can be problematic if it is a window that leads outside since windows like these are much needed to let fresh air come inside. You might also find this buyer’s guide helpful on paint strippers.

Removing With Turpentine

Turpentine is another popular way to remove spray paint from glass. It can be used to clean many other surfaces, making it a good choice for removing paint.

It is also not too expensive when compared to other products that can remove spray paint from glass. Turpentine should be used in the same way as acetone is used.

It should be applied to a cloth or cotton ball and rubbed on the paint that is on top of the glass. This method should remove some or most of the spray paint, but it might just stain the surface of the window instead if not used carefully.

Scrub hard with the cloth to remove the paint. Wipe the glass clean with a clean rag after washing it in warm soapy water or using a glass cleaner.

If this still does not work, turpentine can also be applied with an old toothbrush to ensure maximum contact with all of the paint that is on top of the glass.

This method should remove even more paint than the previous one, but it might just leave some stains or discoloration behind. So, turpentine should be used with caution if only a little bit of paint has been sprayed.

As turpentine is flammable, it should not be left in a place that is easily reached by children or pets. It should also be kept away from heat sources to avoid causing damage when the turpentine gets too hot.

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Removing With Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are another popular way to remove spray paint from glass. It can be more expensive than turpentine and white vinegar, but if the user doesn’t have any of these products at home, mineral spirits will do just fine since all three of them are very similar in their makeup and function.

Mineral spirits should be applied to a cloth or cotton ball and rubbed on the glass in circular motions until the paint begins to fade. The user should make sure to apply enough pressure when rubbing, but it’s important to note that too much pressure could cause damage.

It should also be noted that mineral spirits might not remove all of the spray paint from the window, so either just enough of the paint will be removed, or it might leave some stains or discoloration behind. The next step is to thoroughly clean the glass with warm soapy water and a cloth after using mineral spirits.

Removing With Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is one of the most effective ways to remove spray paint from glass. It can be used for more than just removing paint, making it a good investment if the user owns one.

A high-pressure washer should be used in much the same way as an aerosol chemical paint remover since both are made to remove tough paint stains.

The pressure washer should be held about six to eight inches away from the window while it is turned on and sprayed at a 40- to 45-degree angle. The paint will begin to fade immediately, so the user should keep a constant stream until all of the spray paint has been removed.

This method is safe and effective if it is done with care, but one should take note that this method uses high-pressure water, which can cause damage if not handled properly.

This technique might also require a lot of water, so it might not be suitable for the environment if more than just a little bit of spray paint is used, and using this method also takes a significant amount of time.

The glass should be left to dry before some kind of coating is applied, such as a lacquer or some sort of sealant. If these protective layers are applied right after the high-pressure washer is used, they might get washed away. If you want to dry your spray paint faster then read this guide.

Removing With Scraper Or Razor Blade

If the user does not have any of the products mentioned above, a razor blade or a metal scraper can also be used to remove spray paint from glass. It is a very quick and inexpensive solution if only a little bit of paint has been sprayed on the window.

The paint should be scored with the razor blade or metal scraper until the paint begins to flake off of the glass by keeping the blade edge at a 30- to a 45-degree angle.

A razor blade is available at most hardware stores and should be handled with care, as it can cause severe injuries if not used properly.

So, users should wear protective gear like safety goggles or heavy gloves when using a razor blade or metal scraper to remove spray paint from glass.

You have to avoid scratching the glass as much as possible with this method because it can cause permanent damage. It should be noted that a razor blade or a metal scraper might not remove all of the spray paint from the window in one attempt, so doing multiple passes in different directions is necessary to remove the paint completely.

This method doesn’t require any chemicals and uses unsealed items that are easy to find at most hardware stores, which is why it can be very quick and inexpensive. Once the paint has been scraped away, the glass should be cleaned with soap and water.

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Removing With Fine Steel Wool

Steel wool is also an effective way to remove spray paint from glass. You should purchase fine steel wool if it needs to be used in this application since the paint might not come off with coarse steel wool, which could scratch the glass.

Before starting, you can apply detergent or soap water, or oil as a lubricant to the glass near the paint to be removed.

Then gently rub off the spray paint by following it with the grain of the glass. If you are removing more than just a tiny amount of paint, you should use multiple pieces of steel wool for better results.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the glass after the paint has been scraped away. Warm soapy water or a glass cleaner may be used if you prefer.

Steel wool will not remove large amounts of paint, so multiple applications will be required to remove the spray paint from glass thoroughly.

It should be noted that steel wool might scratch the glass if it is rubbed too hard or used improperly, which is why protective gear like safety goggles should be worn whenever using any sharp object.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass Mirror

Removing spray paint from the mirror is easy due to the fact that it is made out of glass. All the user has to do is use some nail polish remover on a microfiber rag or cotton ball, which should be folded up for this application.

To remove the paint from the mirror, hold a wet cloth against it and let it rest for a while. The high alcohol content of the nail polish remover will make the paint soften and flake off very quickly.

If some nail polish remover is applied directly to the mirror, it won’t cause any problems because glass can take a direct hit from most chemicals. Once the spray paint has been removed from the mirror, you should wipe it down.

Nail polish remover should be placed on top of the spray paint and rubbed in a circular motion until it completely removes all of the paint.

Then, use a clean rag or cotton ball to wipe away any excess nail polish remover and dry the affected area with a clean towel or cloth.

Nail polish remover should not damage glass, so this simple solution is an effective way to remove spray paint from the glass without using any harsh chemicals.

It’s also quick, which makes it the perfect choice for people who are trying to get rid of spray paint left on the mirror.

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Wear all of the necessary safety equipment before starting this project, like safety goggles and rubber gloves. It’s also essential to find a well-ventilated area to remove spray paint from glass because the fumes can be dangerous or cause adverse health effects if inhaled or mishandled.

You can use a spray paint remover named as SoSofe Red Pro to remove spray paint from glass. Apply the spray paint remover to the affected area and allow it to remain there for a few minutes.

This will soften up the paint so that you can scrape it away with a scouring pad, which should be used in circular motions all over the area.

Once the spray paint is scraped away, use some water and a microfiber rag or cotton ball to remove any leftover paint and dry the area with a clean towel or cloth.

Make sure not to use abrasive pads when cleaning spray paint off of glass because it could scratch up the surface and cause damage.

Final Words

Removing spray paint from glass is a tough task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The methods described in this article can solve your doubt on how to remove spray paint from glass and make the job much easier on you and your customer’s window panes.

All three solutions are easy for anyone with basic DIY skills to execute without any special equipment or chemicals, which makes them budget-friendly as well.

If you’re still struggling after reading through these suggestions, contact our team of experts, and we’ll help get that pesky paint off your windows once and for all!

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