Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick [Attractive & Unique]

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Are you looking for interior paint colors that go with red brick? We’ve got you covered with this detailed guide.

Low-maintenance and fire-resistant these two qualities make brick the preferred building material for houses, but it’s typically restricted to the facade and fireplaces on the interior.

Brick is, in fact, the most popular material for adorning fireplace surrounds because it can endure the heat of a fire. The fireplace surround can be as simple as a few rows of bricks or an imposing structure, depending on the design of your home.

Adding a room, converting a loft, or restructuring your home may leave you with an expanse of interior brick beyond your fireplace.

The brick’s color and how finely it blends with the color scheme of your room determine whether it casts a dark shadow over your space or adds a cozy rustic feel.

There are many different colors that can be achieved by using different types of clay. Firing produces a wide range of colors in minerals, from beige to yellow, pink, and deep red-brown.


Adding sand or limestone during the firing process will alter the texture and color of the finished product. When it comes to decorating with bricks, the first step is to decide whether or not to emphasize their presence in the space.

Use the color of the sky to guide your choice of the wall color. Consider painting the brick if it’s a color you can’t stand. Let us dive into the ideas of interior paint colors that go with red brick.

Why Using Red Brick As Interior

  1. If you’re looking to make your home warm during the winter and cool in the summer, red brick is an excellent choice.
  2. Natural materials are used to make bricks, which is why it is considered environmentally beneficial.
  3. It is a long-lasting material that requires little care.
  4. The red hue of the brick can brighten up any room or place because it is entirely complementary to most other colors.
  5. The acoustic properties of brick make it an excellent choice for insulating your home.
  6. With its rustic appearance, Redbrick may give any interior design character and charm.
  7. A sustainable building material, brick can be recycled or reused when it is no longer required.
  8. As a moisture-resistant material, brick is an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen construction.
  9. Brick can help to keep your home safe in the case of a fire because it is fire-resistant.
  10. Bricks come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them an ideal building material.
  11. In addition to backsplashes, countertops, and floor covers, red brick is a highly durable building material.
  12. A moist towel is all that is needed to clean and maintain brick.

There are numerous advantages to incorporating red brick into the design of your home. You may use red brick in many ways to improve the aesthetics of your home, thanks to its natural insulating durability, properties, and rustic charm. Because of this, if you’re thinking about remodeling your home, try using red brick.

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How To Pick Color Combination Of Brick And Paint Color

When designing your fantasy space, the next step is to select the colors you wish to use and match them to the brick tone.

Red Brick

It’s important to know if the brick is red with a purple or orange undertone so that you can identify it. Using a neutral color wall like a warm gray or tan with red brick with an orange tone works best.

Accents or furniture in blue, orange, mint, sage green, red, or turquoise can also be used to provide a dash of color. You can use cherry brown, warm gray, or charcoal to counterbalance it, or you can use black and white to enhance contrast.

Generally speaking, reds with a purple tone tend to be a bit darker. If you’re looking to match the brick’s hue, tan or gray walls work well, while beige is an excellent choice for the walls.

To keep the space from feeling too gloomy, opt for brighter hues. Finish the room with light grays, beige, yellows, greens, and browns. It is also a good idea not to use a lot of blue or purple.

Brown Brick

Both pale and dark brown brick is available in the market. Avoid painting your walls in gray or blue tones if you have a beige or light brown brick.

For example, beige, tan, and other light-colored accents look lovely. Instead of using black, try using dark browns or grays to create contrast.

Lighten the room up with cream or beige-colored walls with white accents if the brick is dark brown. Avoid dark colors like purple and black.

If you don’t want to use black, you can use whites and creams instead to create contrast. The lighter brown shades of colors that blend well with brick are readily available.

However, you should avoid using dark colors, particularly on the walls, in the room. Accents of mustard yellow, dusty blue, and light green might be added to the walls in beige-based hues.

Gray And Tan-Colored Brick

The softer hues of gray and tan-colored bricks make them an excellent neutral choice for almost any decor. The hues go well with a wide variety of design elements. Tones of blue and purple go particularly well with gray, which you couldn’t utilize with any of the other hues.

Other Considerable Factors

You’ll want to consider other design components before selecting your choice of siding color for your red brick home.

Home’s Theme

Choosing the right siding color is heavily influenced by your home’s architectural design and the style of your exterior trim. Is your house Colonial-style? Your best bet is to go with white siding.

Is it more appropriate to call it “Modern,” or will your design look great with a dash of black that is Victorian? Dark shades of color are your best pals. Before choosing a paint color that you think looks great, do some research on the architectural style of your house.


Materials and colors for gutters can be found in a wide range. The gutters’ color can vary based on the material they are made of. Choose the color of the siding that complements your gutters if you aren’t going to be changing the color.

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Color Of The Roof

Your roof’s kind and color will significantly impact the color of siding that will look best for the home. You must select the siding color that compliments both your brick and your roof if you are simply altering the siding color and not the roof.

Kitchen And Taupe Paint

Redbrick is a perfect canvas for earthy hues and textures. If you keep to a natural, neutral color scheme, you can’t go wrong. The walls, cupboards, and butcher block counters in this kitchen have been painted a variety of browns.


There are many metal mailboxes on the market. Brick? No, that’s rare. If you’re changing the color of your siding, think about how you’ll match your mailbox to the new color.


Consider the color of your railings when choosing new paint colors for your property. Make sure you don’t neglect the fact that many homes feature black metal or wood.


On the other hand, Paver driveways can’t be painted any color you like, unlike concrete or asphalt. Choosing new paint colors will require you to take into account the hue of your current paint.

Retaining Wall

As with driveways, retaining walls must be taken into account while planning your project. It’s easy to overlook this detail, yet it has a significant impact on the look of your home’s exterior.

The hues of your brick and retaining wall should be taken into account when choosing a new siding color. Redbrick is a beautiful choice for a kitchen backsplash or accent wall.

In favor of more conventional finishes like stone or tile, it’s often overlooked, yet it merits consideration. Redbrick has been used in some of the best kitchens I’ve seen. With other finishes, it’s challenging to achieve the same effect.

Ideas For Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick

Accent With Cream Paint

Natural materials such as brick and cream paint have warm undertones. Make sure you pick a color that’s on the warmer hue as well. Keep it light and go with cream with brown undertones.

To balance out the starkness of the brick, use a soft, off-white paint color. The color palette also works well with floors made of hardwood. A natural cloth with brown undertones, it also has warm brown undertones.

Accent Wall With White Paint

Any area would benefit from the addition of a red brick veneer accent wall, and this home office is no exception. Bricks come in a wide range of hues, from bright red to dark brown to even white.

It can be challenging to choose the perfect paint color for a brick wall like this because of the wide range of colors. If you’re painting over an internal brick wall, go with a shade lighter color.

Because red brick has a mid-to-dark tone, virtually any light color works well with it. The color wheel can also be used to experiment.

You might choose cool paint to contrast with the warm red brickwork. However, a few red bricks come in a cool shade of purple. The walls should be painted with a warm tone in this situation.

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Backsplash With White paint

The use of red brick as a backsplash in the kitchen is on the rise. White, gray, and cream are the most common cabinet paint colors today, and brick is a perfect match for any of them.

The kitchen design is becoming more contemporary, and red brick provides a lovely contrast to all the white and gray. Redbrick warms up modern kitchens, which are often chilly.

Red Brick Veneer With Real Wood

It’s critical when using brick to create contrast so that both the brick and the architecture stand out. Because of the red in the bricks, a lighter tone of stain makes sense.

Red brick veneer is a popular choice for homes with blue siding because it looks well with the color. Your stain’s tone should also be taken into account.

Stains in either a deeper or lighter tint work well, although matching tones should be avoided. When colors with similar tones are combined, the result is a muddy appearance.

Veneer Wall With White Walls

The former is the best combination of light paint colors and a brick accent wall. Choosing a lighter hue because the bricks are medium-dark is a logical decision.

In addition to emphasizing the bricks, the color of the walls and the trim should be brought to the foreground. In order to accomplish this, use contrast. Play around with different colors of gray.

White Paint And Red Brick Backsplash

The use of red brick as a backsplash is a great idea. Many people think red brick interiors are rustic, but they are a variety of styles, including modern, as we see in this home.

Wood cabinets combined with stainless steel hardware and a countertop are matched with red brick. Colors like white and bright blue stand out even more against the intense red of the brickwork.

The contrast between the brick and a lighter tone of paint is highly appealing. Because of this, the colors of the brick and the wall aren’t in competition with one another.

Light Gray

The red brick complements the light gray walls beautifully. Because it’s neutral, the lighter hues of gray blend with almost anything; however, that’s why we prefer them. Just look at how smoothly it blends with those gray cement brick lines.

Gray With Red Brick

Many paint colors work well with red brick, but grey is excellent to choose from. You should, however, keep in mind other design considerations while choosing a paint hue.

You should be able to filter the perfect paint color based on your personal decorating style, the overall color scheme of the house, and the architecture of the building.

However, the contrast between grey and red brick is stunning. In addition to the exterior of the house, As a result, the combination of red brick and gray siding is very common on external walls.

Gray also has a number of significant advantages. Because it’s neutral, you can put it anywhere in your house, and it’ll look great. It also has a wide range of color shades and tones, making it even more adaptable.

Red Brick With Light Grey

Paint your red brick accent wall in your bedroom in a light grey color to give it a more contemporary feel. Freshness and contrast are added to the internal brick with light grey paint.

For a smaller room, such as a bedroom, light grey paint produces a sense of additional space, making the room appear larger. If the red brick has a gray cast to it, go with a comparable shade of gray to balance out the look.

Simple White Paint

As a natural substance, brick tends to have a warm or cold undertone, depending on the mix of colors it contains. Before you go to the paint store, find out what colors your brick has.

Or, if you like, bring a sample of a brick with you. A red brick that leans toward the warm orange side pairs well with an arctic white with just a smidge of blue or gray flecks.

That’s because the brick’s warm tones contrast nicely with the paint’s cooler tones. The dark-stained wooden floors can be an excellent addition. The color and tone harmony in this space is superb.

All of the elements are given the opportunity to shine without overshadowing each other. Going with contrast is an excellent method to achieve a sense of equilibrium in a room, and picking the right paint colors for red brick is the first step.

Consider painting the walls white or tan. The color scheme would be ruined, and the room would appear dingy.

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Arctic White Paint

Contrasting colors in adjacent walls will bring attention to your bricks. Contrasting colors, rather than harmonized ones, help to draw attention to specific elements.

And when you’ve got brick, that’s precisely what you want. Don’t compete with the brick by using a variety of wall colors.

However, it’s a brilliant idea to use the brick’s color in other parts of the space, such as fabrics or accessories. To bring the room together, use colors from the brick.

The brick with whitewash is primarily responsible for this effect, despite the fact that the brick’s red color still shows through.

The whitewashed look is carried through to the wall and floors paint, which is a great touch. It doesn’t stop with the walls and ceilings.

However, take a look at this room’s mix of natural and color materials, and you’ll see why. Design elements such as red brick are accentuated by a variety of hues, such as blue, greenwood, and metallic finishes. It’s a lovely design.

Modern Interior Design

Red brick works nicely with a wide range of interior design styles, including modern. The usage of glass and black in a modern design of the home is one of my favorite aspects.

Traditional homes don’t often feature glass or black trim walls, although this isn’t unusual in modern designs. The contrast between the black clothing and the red brick is striking.

When used as an accent on trim, floors, or furniture instead of a wall hue, though, it works beautifully. White paint is an excellent choice with the right amount of contrast.

Even the all-wood accent wall in the bedroom and the really dark-stained wood look excellent with white paint. There’s a lot going on in this minimalist, modern design, but the red brick isn’t overshadowed. It’s a good sign that it’s still shining brightly.

Black Trim

Consider the trim when picking the color of the paint for a room with red brick or if you’re redecorating a room that already has red brick.

White trim is a common choice because most people are preoccupied with finding the perfect color for their walls. Then again, there are other ways to go.

Red brick wall contrasted with black trim and black-framed windows in addition; the light gray walls are a superb selection. The trendy New York City vibe is complete with polished gray concrete floors.

Since brick and gray shades are all neutral and earthy colors, you can include more colorful colors in your design. Don’t forget to add some plants to the mix as well.

Not only do they brighten up a room, but their presence also has the effect of making it appear less clinical.

Natural Wood, Exposed Metal Beams

With the red brick wall, you can’t go wrong with natural wood. Everything you require is a simple sealant to bring out the wood’s inherent color tones.

It’s a fair bet that any sort of wood you pick will work well with the brick and other varieties of wood. We don’t think it’s a good idea to color your wood and then try to sync everything exactly.

Using a variety of wooden tones and stains helps to break up a room’s monotony. The red brick and wood, as well as the black countertops, beams, table legs, and window frames, all compliment each other beautifully in this space.

The polished concrete flooring is another example. Natural wood and black accents go well with an accent wall that already has a red brick look to it.

When it comes to industrial-inspired interiors, the wood really makes a statement. It adds a sense of warmth and coziness to the room.

Maintain a neutral color scheme for the flooring. The larger the tiles, the more space you’ll have. Slabs are the most effective. Do not use any patterns when laying the tile.

Natural stone or a plain solid color tile are the best options.

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Brick Interior With Gray

Gray paint, white trim, and a lovely whitewashed hardwood floor dress up this brick interior wall. Gray and brick actually do blend fine enough that it’s a trendy choice.

Gray is also a popular color choice for both the interior and outside of a home at the present. On the other hand, the whitewashed wood floors are one of my favorite aspects of this space.

They’re rarely employed, but the results can be magnificent when they are. The usage of glass and real wood in the space adds to the overall appeal of the area’s color scheme.

The rug has a lot of different textures and materials to choose from. The presence of plants and flowers is always a good choice if they are tastefully done.

Maintaining a jungle-like atmosphere in your living room isn’t necessary. In general, less is more. The addition of artwork is always welcome, and the selection of a simple frame helps to keep the focus on the brick.

Gray accents call for a darker tone of gray. Overall, this is a stunning room with red brick and gray paint.

Green And Red Brick

Place a brick wall perpendicular to a bright color wall, like the green wall shown here, to boost the energy of your favorite space.

Dimension and aesthetic appeal are provided by juxtaposing a smooth surface with the rough roughness of brick. Add framed portraits, canvases, and area rugs to your home’s decor.

Dark Blue

Adding a splash of blue to your red brick home is a stunning idea. It’s not on the color wheel, yet the combination of red and blue really works.

When it comes to choosing a paint color, steer clear of royal or azure and instead opt for a deeper shade of blue. The contrast between the white trim and the dark blue siding and red brick of this house is stunning.


The hue of sage is gray-green, just like the color of dry sage leaves, which is where the name comes from. Adding a cream-colored trim to a red-brick wall is a lovely way to bring out the color of the brick.

Green And Blue Or Gray

Like holly and berries, green and red go well together. There are some colors of green that will work best with your brick for your exterior color.

Dark Teal

In order to draw attention away from the brick, you’ll want to use a darker shade of blue-green rather than a brilliant teal. This blue-green color looks great with white trim and black shutters, as do gray roof shingles.

Warm Beige

Red brick and several shades of beige, from light tan to dark taupes, work well together since they both have warm color tones. Adding black shutters to your windows may greatly accentuate their beauty.

Muted Neutrals

With red brick outdoors and other muted accents, muted neutrals are an excellent choice for landscapes. If you live in a dry region, consider outdoor color themes that match the landscape.

As an example, the color Greyhound is a popular brown-grey that is derived from the natural world. An antique white can be used as an accent color.

Add a dark blue-gray front door color to your house to attract attention and make guests feel at home. For a personal touch, apply this blue paint to the door.


A red brick exterior is an excellent backdrop for black and white, but it can also create a striking contrast. White siding with red brick has been a classic combination since American colonial history, while black siding can give your home a sleek, contemporary appearance.

Spring Color Ideas

Colors like yellow, orange, red, and green can be used to create a warm, spring-like atmosphere in your home. Against a beautiful sky, a soothing blue is a welcome sight.

The use of blue as a basis hue in exterior color schemes works well with other pastels. Colors of pale apricots, such as Peach Darling, work well in homes with red brick, especially in the South.

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Statement Colors

Red is an attention-getting color. In the fall, the bright red leaves of the trees are the most noticeable feature. The allure of a bouquet of red roses cannot be denied.

If you want to make a statement with your home’s color, go with a vibrant red for the foundation, especially if your property has a stunning red brick facade to go with it.

Outdoor house colors that complement red brick, such as blue-grey, and taupe, can help soften the effect. Taupe adds a subtle element of contrast to the door, while blue is an excellent choice for the trim.

Red And Turquoise

It is possible to create an eye-catching matte red color scheme in your bathroom by combining white and turquoise in an ingenious way.

The sink area of your red bathroom doesn’t need a plain tile backsplash; instead, utilize turquoise and patterned white tiles. Ornate mirrors can also be added to up the glitz factor in the bathroom.

Red And Gold

Gold is a majestic and well-liked color that complements red. The bright red walls necessitate a more subdued shade of gold to counterbalance.

Choose golden walls for a different look, and then use lovely red and maroon furnishings to bring up the crimson accent.


It is possible to enhance the look of a brick ceiling with the right paint color choice. This deep, rich hue of red, paired with the subdued lighting, really screams “elegant.”

As if you were in an 18th-century manor, this wine cellar/den is utterly luxurious. In a subtle way, the pine woodwork enhances the ambiance.

Red With White And Violet

Combine red with white and violet pastels for an unusual take on a contemporary living room color scheme. The white and violet parts can be quietly added as additional d├ęcor items if you’re going for an overall red appeal in the room.

Consider a violet sofa with a white center table as an example. Golden artifacts can be added to the room to make it more beautiful.


The white indoor paint contrasts sharply with the red brickwork on the other two walls in this sunroom. This hue has a deeper connotation to me because of the way it’s textured.

White brickwork and deep red paint would not produce the same effect. Vanilla ice cream in a cone, smooth and silky, as it stands. There are flecks of gritty red sprinkles on top of the cherry syrup.

Tips To Choose Colors For Red Brick

  1. On the outside, paint colors appear to be 5-10 more light and more vivid than those on the inside. Depending on the undertones, a gray can appear blue, green, or violet in the human eye. Choosing an exterior paint that is very light is a common mistake made by homeowners.
  2. Plaster makes surfaces appear darker because of their rough texture. The house’s stucco will appear darker if the siding and trim are painted the same color.
  3. Consider painting the siding the same shade as the grout on the floor. Mostly grout comes in a taupe color, but green-gray is also common.
  4. If you can afford it, get the best paint you can afford. Choosing high-quality paint will make a difference in how quickly dark colors fade compared to light ones. More extended warranties mean higher paint quality. Avoid using paint from a home improvement store.
  5. Consider utilizing white trim if your windows are white vinyl. If it doesn’t match exactly, that’s fine. Vinyl windows will look less stark if they have white trim around them.
  6. It’s essential to test the color of your paint before applying them.

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Final Verdict

This was all about the guide to help you choose the best interior paint colors that go with red brick in your home. Your home is your asset, and it portrays your taste, personality, and many things.

To make your home picture-perfect is your responsibility, and this is not only important to make your guests praise you but also get a good feeling when entering the house.

Choose the color carefully because it will have an impact on your mood as well. Feel free to share your favorite combination for your red brick interior.

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