Front Door Colors For Red Brick House 2023 [Best & Unique]

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This is the most detailed guide on the best and unique ideas for front door colors for red brick house in 2022.

In terms of your home’s decor, a front door isn’t likely to be the most eye-catching option. We may all get thrilled about picking out a new couch or the d├ęcor for our bedrooms, but what about doors?

Doorways aren’t exactly awe-inspiring. We just discovered, however, that choosing the perfect color for the door can be just as exciting as shopping for a new sofa.

In addition, more people will view your front entrance than your new sofa, making it an even more critical design consideration. Let us dive into more ideas of front door colors for red brick house.

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Why Care About Front Door Colors For Red Brick House

  1. Choosing the right color for your front door is an important part of creating a welcoming atmosphere for you and your family when you return home.
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  3. The front of your house, which includes the entrance, is what guests see when they arrive.
  4. This is a simple and inexpensive method to update the look of a porch or doorway that might use a little TLC.
  5. The color you pick reveals a lot about who you are, what you like, and how you dress.
  6. Based on the color of your door, you can generate sentiments of warmth, tranquillity, generosity, or elegance.
  7. Your home’s curb appeal will be immediately improved by picking the proper hue.
  8. Choose colors that convey a sense of who you are and what you have in store for guests.
  9. If you’re looking to fit in or stick out in your community, the color of your front door is an important consideration.
  10. It’s a good time to have some fun without going overboard, so use this as an opportunity to do just that.
  11. Your house will look more inviting to purchasers if you paint it a warm or vibrant color when you want to sell it.

Ideas For Front Door Colors For Red Brick House

Classic Brown

If you love nude shades, you must love brown. This is one of the most subtle colors that can complement several looks. If you have a red brick home, you can sync it properly with the brown.

It will give your house a sober and subtle look that nobody can ignore. People would praise your taste and choice for pairing up brick color with brown.

To complement red brick homes’ natural brown tones, a vintage brown door is ideal. With brown doors, you have the option of making them stand out or fit in with the rest of the room.

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Reddish Brown

There are several variations of brown, and reddish-brown is one of the most appealing ones. Reddish-brown is a fantastic color for those who love a sober touch in a dark color as well.

It is a misconception that it can go well on people. Reddish-brown is now a popular choice for houses as well. In terms of house renovation, you can consider this color to complement the theme of your house.

This reddish-brown color might be utilized to fit the house’s color scheme. You can also utilize it to create a unified look, like the door in the image.


Tan was once a ‘male’ color. People wearing tan suits or trousers were common once. However, now, tan is a popular color serving various purposes.

Did you consider this color as a part of your home renovation option? A tan-colored door will appeal to those who prefer neutrals.

Red bricks come in a variety of colors, and it’s easy to sync tan particles found in the bricks. Using the same tan as the entrance, the home’s foyer has been painted to match, making it the focal point.

Light Brown

If you are not very comfortable with experimenting with vibrant colors, light brown is the best option for you. Light brown is the perfect nude shade that makes everything elegant.

Light brown door color is a safe option for a red-brick house. Reddish-brown bricks go well with it, and brilliant red bricks don’t look out of place either.

Colors like this one will be popular in the future because they’re deemed “normal” or “traditional.” There are several shades in light brown, so be careful while choosing the one for your house. You may consult a specialist for guidance.

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Classic Red

Do you love the color of love? Of course, you do. Everybody has a strong liking for red but for the extreme vibrance it offers; many people feel a little confused about whether to pick the color or not – be it for a dress or a house improvement project.

Don’t you think red brick and the red door will go well? Well, even though it may appear monotonous, the combination of a red door and brickwork can add color without going over the top. For those who are more reserved, a crimson door is a daring choice.


Wine is a common color for doors, believe it or not. Even for the furniture, people love to go with wine. The reason is the vintage and classic look it creates.

You can feel the same appeal of wine and also avoid the typical one. If you’re searching for something a little more interesting than a typical red wine, burgundy is a terrific option.

Burgundy has been updated with a brick red hue. Nevertheless, that beautiful shade of red is a hue that has a lot of character and gets a lot of notice.

Classic Yellow

Well, this color is for the brave ones. If you don’t hesitate to stand out of the crowd, yellow is for you. The vibrant colors are trending now, not only for the clothes but also the furniture and other household things.

Therefore, people who aren’t bound by homeowner association restrictions, such as those with boisterous personalities, should go with a bright yellow.

And you can imagine how beautiful the combination of red and yellow will be. You can expect to see neighbors praising as they go by on rainy days because of it.

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Gold Or Yellow Ochre

If you love yellow but don’t want so much vibrancy around your house, you can go for a toned-down color. Yellow ochre or golden can be your pick then.

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your property, consider using gold or a dark yellow door. It’s vibrant without being overwhelming.

The fantastic yellow can create the most desired look for your home, but it will not make your home excessively vibrant.

If you are unsure about yellow ochre or the type of gold, you can check the color wheel and select the one you like most.

Classic Green

Green is always a lovely color to be paired with several other colors. Green is a popular choice as well for houses and furniture. If you have a brick house, a green door can make your house as beautiful as the pictures on the postcard.

Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, you can still use red and green to create the combination in your home without going over the top. If you want to look classy, go for a dark green color, and if you want to have fun, go for bright colors.

Olive Green

If you belong to the unorthodox group, olive green must be one of your favorite colors. Many people will contradict the point that olive green is not that bright to be involved in furniture of door and windows, but once you pair olive green with red brick house, you will understand how beautiful it can look with red brick color.

Olive green is a color that falls between tan and green, making it a perfect choice for a transitional piece between bright and understated.

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Pastel Green

Pastel shades are adorable. It is cute on everything. If you are wondering whether pastel shades will go well with your bright red brick-colored house, trust us and go for the one once; you will fall in love with it.

With a pastel green door, young homeowners may obtain the fashionable cottage-core look that so many people are searching for. You can pretend to live in a country home by decorating your front door with a few pastel flowers.

Mint Green

This is another favorite of many homeowners who don’t want their houses to be too bright. Mint green is the softest green shade you can ever have.

When it’s on your door, mint green is a gentle color, but it packs a powerful punch. When you pair this with your red brick house, it will look extremely beautiful. The use of this color will undoubtedly brighten up your local area.

Turquoise Blue

This is one of the soothing shades of blue. Blue, being one of the primary colors and a vibrant one, is everyone’s favorite, and when turquoise comes into the scene, people just love it. But how about turquoise blue as your front door color? Well, don’t worry.

If your house has the red color of brick, don’t think twice about the turquoise blue. The red bricks will contrast sharply with a turquoise door. As a rule of thumb, a light red brick would be preferable to a dark red brick.

Light Blue

In terms of clothing, be it an office party or a classy gathering, light blue-colored garments always steal the light. The touch of the color that a clear sky brings in will surely enhance the beauty of your home.

And when you are pairing it with a red brick house, the combination must be stunning. One bright color and one undertoned always make the best combination.

Gray or green can be the predominant undertones of light blue, making it a versatile color choice. You should use it if you need a modest splash of color.

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Navy Blue

Another dramatic yet stylish option is dark blue or navy. People who are a little away from bright colors often go for navy blue. This is beautiful if paired with the right color.

It is not necessary to pair up one bright and one pale color or one light and one dark. This is the age where different color combinations are often praised.

And the colors red and navy are well-known and, depending on where you reside, may appear patriotic as well.


Mauve has a separate fanbase. Not everyone is a fan of mauve. This is tricky color as a combination with the wrong one can ruin its appeal and the entire look.

People who love to experiment with their home’s look can go with mauve. Yes, even if they have a red brick house, they can choose mauve as the color of their front door.

It’s risky to go with a mauve door because the color mauve might either complement or conflict with the brick of your house. Despite its subtlety, this is a noteworthy option.

Glamorous White

As it is said, white has all colors that exist in the universe. It is the mother color that can make everything beautiful.

Being the most vibrant and brightest color, white is often a pick for the house’s color, but can you choose it as the color of your door when your home is of red brick?

Of course! Staggering yet timeless, white front doors are an excellent choice for any home. If you want a strong contrast on your brick home but don’t want to mess about with colors, this is the option for you.

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Off White

Soft white or tan can be described as “off-white.” If you want to get the beauty of white but don’t want to make it too vibrant for your home, off-white is there for you.

A tone-down white that is almost equally beautiful as white but with a different tone. Sometimes, if paired with the right color, off-white looks even better than pure white.

Clean lines and an emphasis on your home’s exterior make this a great choice for any style of home. It’s also more difficult to spot dirty than brilliant white.


Gleaming grey is a tasteful and contemporary color option. Though grey belongs to the gloomy color group, the glamor of grey is incomparable.

Grey is one of the most appealing tone-down colors that can enhance the look of any other color and make the entire thing look fantastic.

Red and grey are an excellent combination, and this is why they would be a great option for the door of your red brick home. Because of their age, these bricks may appear dated, yet their color scheme is still stunning.


There are very few people who don’t love black. It is itself a beauty, and it also helps in enhancing the color that is combined with it.

Red and black are a gorgeous combination, and they will maintain the same appeal if black is chosen as the color of your front door or the red brick house.

It’s hard to go wrong with a black door as a statement piece. The color black isn’t going to go with anything in the house, but it will stand out anyway.

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The vintage or retro look is very trending these days, and the antique color is a popular choice to complement this look. If the theme of your home is retro, you should choose antique colored door over all others.

It would complement everything that you have inside the home and give it a perfect synchronized look. An antique door will give you a rustic style, multiple hues owing to decay, and something to talk about with guests as soon as they arrive on the porch.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is also a very subtle and sober color that people who don’t even have a wooden door often opt for. The look is fantastic, and it often goes perfectly well in several colors like red, white, black, blue, and many more.

Your front door doesn’t have to be painted if you don’t want it to clash with your house’s bricks. To match practically anything, wood’s inherent brown hues are inoffensive and unobtrusive. Just keep the door as it is and let the natural color do the magic.

Double Toned

If you’re going to be fearless, go all in. When you are experimenting with colors, why go with only one? You can get a double-tone effect in your front door as well.

There are several combinations of dual-tone effects available in the market, and you can pick from those according to your preferences.

To ensure that your door stands out from the rest on your street, pair complementary colors together.

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Tips For Choosing Front Door Colors

Your Surroundings

You might get some inspiration for a front door color by glancing at your home’s natural surroundings. Natural, earthy tones can be eye-catching from the outside while also blending in with the surroundings of a home’s environment.

Natural light around your front entrance might help you choose the ideal paint color for your home’s exterior walls.

Colors that are brighter or lighter than the rest of the porch will contrast with the darkness. On the other side, a deeper color works well in entrances that get a lot of natural light.

Your Style

When deciding on the color of your front door, keep in mind the architecture and outside style of your house as well. The color scheme for your front door is usually determined by the overall design of your house.

A dark, classic, rich color, for example, looks well on a historic home, but a more experimental color scheme works better on a modern one.

The style and color of the garage door should go well with the color and style of your front door. If you want to avoid your house looking like it has two different colors (color-clash), you can try painting your front door with some unique color than the rest of the house.

It is simple to add aesthetic appeal to the front of your home by painting it a vibrant color. A lighter front door color is best if the materials around your front entrance are dark and vice versa.

You should not, however, be scared to deviate from the norm. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home; if you want to utilize your preferred color or style, do so.

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Color Outdoors

The color of your front door will be visible from the street; therefore, it is fine to pick a paint color that will be visible from the street.

The best way to view the true colors of your paint is to take swatches outside and look at them in natural light. Taking a walk outside to see how colors look in natural light might have a massive impact on your ultimate decision.

Tape several paint samples on your front door and keep checking them throughout the day if you want to be certain of your color choice.

This method will allow you to observe the colors in different lighting situations. A test patch of the color can be painted on your door to get an even more precise look.

Classic Colors: Safest

In the event that you are unsure of what you want, traditional and timeless hues are a good option. In order to ensure that your front door is well finished and easy to combine with other colors and incorporate into your seasonal outdoor decorations, if you are having difficulties deciding on a color, go with blacks, browns, deep reds, grays, navy blues, etc.

Find out how these homeowners transformed the exterior of their homes by installing a new front door. Their new entrance door features a traditional, timeless tint that contributes to its attractive and friendly appearance.

Complemented Colors

The style and color of your home will influence the color of your front door, so take these factors into account before making a final decision.

Specific hues are more suited to certain home designs. Your front door color should not detract from the rest of your home’s exterior design, outdoor decor, or even the inside aesthetics of your property.

A bold color for your entrance door is OK, but don’t make it look like an afterthought.

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Choosing the correct material for a front door is another key consideration. A door’s durability, upkeep, and lifespan are all dependent on the material; therefore, it must be robust enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

The cost of your front door is also determined by the material you choose. A front door may be made of any of the following materials: wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

  1. Steel: A front door made of steel is one of the most affordable solutions. As compared to other materials, denting, cracking, and warping are much less likely to occur with this one. Front doors with insulation are better for the environment. A steel door, on the other hand, has only one drawback: its appearance. You may be restricted in your design and color choices when you use steel doors, which appear standard.
  2. Fiberglass: This door is designed to resemble stained or painted wood. Fiberglass is long-lasting because it requires less upkeep than other materials. A wide range of options and variations are available for fiberglass. It’s also a common preference for front doors because of their low cost.
  3. Wood: In general, wood can be shaped into just about anything you can imagine. Luxury Villas Malta’s Todd claims that the high R-values of wood mean that the temperature has no effect on the structure. Because wood doesn’t rust, they’re commonly used on seaside homes. The cost and lifespan of the front door are directly related to the type of wood you select. It’s ideal for creating a classy, timeless entrance to your home or flat.

Screen Door

Painting or acquiring an entirely new storm door in a contrasting color for your front door’s screen or screen door frame will add an extra dose of color to your home’s exterior.

Even if your front door is a neutral color, the screen door frame is a great place to inject some personality into the front of your house.

Choosing a vibrant color for the screen door is important, regardless of whether you want to add a splash of color.

The Tone Of Red Brick

Consider the color of your bricks when choosing the colors of the front door for your brick homes. It is common for each brick to have a slightly different shade of color than the overall brick hue. Because brick is a natural product, it rarely comes in a single color.

When examined closely, a plethora of hues become apparent. However, when viewed from a distance, the brick will come up as a single shade of red.

The darker the bricks appear, the more away you are. Based on how far you are from a natural object, you may or may not have problems with its hue.

Close, medium, or far away. If you’re looking at it from a distance, the color will come up as more solid.

Here are some tips to match the color of the door with a brick house:

  • Each brick has a different color to distinguish it from the others. Gray, darker reds, and even blue tones can often be seen in brick. Consider the texture of the bricks. There’s a lot at stake here.
  • How the bricks’ hues change from one to the next. It’s important to know whether they all seem the same or if the colors vary greatly. Smooth or rough, it’s up to you. This is a problem of average severity.
  • Redbrick has a reddish hue to it. To put it another way, what hue do you perceive when you stand on the curb and look at it as one large block of color? This is a far-off matter, after all.

Make sure to consider how the door color will appear from various angles when choosing the right color for your red brick home’s front entrance. While curb appeal is important, it’s also important to pay attention to how things look from a distance.

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Make Yourself Equipped With Shades And Their Codes

Paint Color Chart

A paint chart can help you find the perfect color for your front door. Everything in the house, not just the front door, can benefit from these color-picking tools.

You can never have too many paint color charts, and this one contains all of Benjamin Moore’s basic hues. And don’t worry if you don’t like Benjamin Moore paints.

Any brand of paint may make every color in the chart because the codes of the paint are universal. In addition to the most common colors, there are charts that feature colors that have a particular theme.

Like tropical color paint or color schemes for neutrals, browns, grays, and the like. An excellent all-around chart is what we prefer to use. It’ll create the color you want 99 percent of the time.

Theory Of Color

Color theory has a significant impact on the selection of the color in a property. The following are some factors to keep in mind before we get into the specifics of the colors of the front door for brick houses.

If you’re just getting started, a good rule of thumb is to choose complementary colors for your home. A good feel will be created between the colors instead of a fight.

Colors that go well together are called for. They complement each other perfectly. Colors that clash is a sure sign of a bad design.

They get into fights and clashes, making a spectacle of themselves. These are fundamental notions that any artist knows.

When creating without the assistance of a professional, it is critical to understand why these complements or clashes occur.

  1. Complementary colors are colors that are directly across from one another in the color wheel and are therefore considered the opposite. Colors that complement one another create a dynamic and edgy atmosphere. Opposing colors have been used to describe them. White and black are the best examples of this.
  2. The color spectrum includes a variety of analogous colors. Colors that are adjacent to one another in the color wheel are considered to be analogous. These hues share a striking resemblance like the colors orange and yellow or purple and blue.
  3. Generally, neutral hues fall in the middle of the color wheel and include black, white, gray, cream, and brown. Everything goes with neutrals, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Neutral colors tend to have a more earthy tone to them. Neutral colors are the most popular and safest choice when it comes to painting your house.

You’ll get the best results by applying color theory to your front door selections if you’re building a brick house.

Complementary Colors

Cool color and warm color make form a complementary pair. The warm colors are oranges, reds, and yellows, whereas the cool colors are blues, greens, and purples.

As a result, the color wheel’s maximum contrasts can be achieved. Using the color wheel and complementary colors can help you determine the ideal door colors for brick houses.

When two complementary colors are placed near one another, a natural illusion causes a simultaneous contrast to appear. Because of the increased brightness, both colors will stand out more to the eye.

Artists have a fondness for employing simultaneous contrast in their work. Because of the simultaneous contrast, deep blues with sunsets and vivid oranges are more arresting.

Try painting green next to your red paint to see if it brightens it up. When placed adjacent to its opposite, the red will be considerably more noticeable.

In architecture, the use of simultaneous contrast is a common practice. A white mansion with black trim is timeless because of this. Rather than a trend, these designs need to be long-lasting.

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Neutral Colors

Neutral is a term used in architectural design to describe a design that is either colorless or has a minimal amount of color. To make a neutral, less pigment is applied to the underlying color, which is usually white or gray.

It appears that colorless neutrals such as ivory, taupe and black appear to be colorless. However, the undertones of these colors are common in many applications.

As an example, beige may have a pink or gold undertone. Ivory, yellow, blue, or pink shades of white are all possibilities. Neutrals can be applied in a few methods, much like other colors. Used in combination with other colors.

In today’s world, the majority of houses have an external color scheme that is entirely composed of neutral shades of hue. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The majority of new houses being built in New Jersey are painted in neutral tones. For the most part, it’s because they look terrific and can be worn with just about anything.

A neutral color scheme and a prominent front door are the only pieces of advice you can go wrong with. Unless you pick an exceptionally terrible hue, it’s difficult to make a mistake with this color scheme.

Selecting a paint color for a red brick house can be a challenge because there are so many different tones of brick to choose from. For brick houses, this is especially important when deciding on the ideal front door color.

Furthermore, the vast majority of bricks offered are of a neutral coloration. Remember that neutral does not imply a lack of color.

To sum it up, if you need red brick, go with anything other than fire station red. Consider a neutral color palette when choosing colors of the front door for a colors scheme.

Value Of Color

Nothing about a color’s value has anything to do with its hue. It’s how bright or pale it is that makes a difference. Including a wide array of values in your lights and darks is essential in any design. Your design will appear flat if you overuse the same color or value range.

If you could only see a house in black and white, what would you see? Take a color photo and make it black and white using a tool like Photoshop. There are a few things you’ll notice.

  • Every object in a white and black photograph appears to be gray. Light colors will come up as whiter, and dark colors will appear blacker, as a result.
  • There should be a decent balance of dark and light sections in any design. Regardless of the hue, each component should be clearly defined.
  • It’s impossible to distinguish between elements in a lousy design because they all look to be the same hue.

You can learn a lot about good value design by doing this easy activity. Don’t rely on changing the shade of a color to convey a specific meaning in your house. Consider both color and value at the same time and make use of a wide spectrum.

Final Verdict

Is it safe to say that you thoroughly enjoyed reading this article? For this reason, we decided to compile a list of the best front door colors for red brick house for every type of home.

Even if you don’t have red brick, we have provided you with a list of the colors that will go well with any home. You must also be well-versed in the subject of color theory in order to make the finest choices when it comes to repainting your home.

Colors, textures, and palettes have such a profound effect on your home’s individuality that it’s hard to comprehend. Consider all the aspects before making a decision, and choose the one that piques your interest the most.

Do you agree with the list? Was there anything you could use in your own house? If you found this list interesting, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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