How To Make Laminate Floors Shine [Comprehensive Guide]

This is a comprehensive guide on how to make laminate floors shine where we have covered every minor/major information to make laminate floors shine.

Laminate is an excellent option for home decor. With time the definition of home decor has been changed a lot, and laminate has been included in this ever-changing era.

Once laminate was used only for the interior of a house, but now, it has come up as a great option to enhance the house’s curb appeal. However, with time laminate can decay like all other things.

You can certainly not stop its aging process or decaying, but you can slow it down by following some good maintenance tips. Do you want to extend the life of your laminate floors by knowing the best ways to clean them?

That doesn’t imply you should clean your laminate floors the same way you would clean hardwood floors. Unlike oak planks, laminate floors can’t be cleaned with the same methods you’d use to make them shine. Because laminate flooring cannot be restored when stained or damaged like hardwood, they require extra attention.

Maintaining and treating your flooring with care can save you a lot of money on costly replacements. Clean laminate floors like a pro, whether you would have brand new floors or just want your current ones to look as good as the day they were placed.

Hence, let’s get started with the process on how to make laminate floors shine as new.

How To Make Laminate Floors Shine — Step By Step Detailed Guide

Clean The Floor

To maintain any type of flooring, you first need to keep it clean. Accumulation of dust and dirt is a regular thing, thanks to the increasing pollution! The shedding of your dead skin is another reason behind the dust accumulation.

You can’t stop them, can you? Hence, you have to follow a regular cleaning process to maintain the laminate, especially before you start the process of keeping it shiny. You might also like to know about caulking between laminate flooring & baseboard.

Vacuuming Or Sweeping

To begin, use a mop to remove debris from the floor. Composite medium density fiberboard (CMDF) is sandwiched between two layers of laminated wood. As a result, it is susceptible to surface damage. As a result, no abrasive towels or mops should be used.

To collect fine dust, use a vacuum attachment designed for laminate flooring. However, utilizing the hard floor brush may dull or harm the floor finish. In order to avoid the building of grit and debris, do not use vacuums with beater bars.

Scrubbers, such as steel wool or scrubbing sponges, should be avoided. A lint-free, soft microfiber cloth works best for buffing laminate floors back to their former luster.

Keep your floors clean by vacuuming under and around furniture, don’t forget the walls. Trash can transfer from its hiding location to your laminate if you simply clean the visible sections. As a result, sweeping will have to be redone from scratch.

Choosing The Right Cleaner

Choosing an appropriate floor cleaner is essential. The floor cleaner you use for concrete can’t be used on a laminated floor. A wrong choice of cleaner can ruin the look and your purpose. So, be cautious about that.

  • Using a mixture of vinegar and water is the best technique for me to get rid of the mold. It is a low-cost solution that does the job. In a spray bottle, mix white vinegar and water in 1:1 proportion.
  • In the event that you don’t like the notion of using vinegar on your laminate floor, you can use a cleaner specifically designed for this sort of flooring. With a neutral PH level, it can be a great and safe alternative to vinegar. Do not purchase the polish or refresher; instead, purchase the Bona Cleaner!. To avoid damaging your wood floor, avoid using these products.
  • Avoid cleaning products that contain oils, soaps, or other harsh chemicals to avoid dullness. When cleaning laminate flooring, you should only use a reliable cleaning product created exclusively for this purpose or vinegar solvent.
  • Manufacturers of laminate flooring are the best source of information on the best laminate floor shine restorer. You may be voiding your warranty if you don’t follow their advice.
  • The mixture of water and vinegar can be enhanced by the addition of rubbing alcohol if you are not allergic to it. It helps clean nail polish, shoe polish, crayons, and even ink from the laminate floor with a high degree of efficiency. Equal parts water is a useful ratio for measuring: In this case, the ratio of vinegar to rubbing alcohol is 1:2 cup.

To determine whether or not you’ve picked the right cleaning product, conduct a preliminary test on a small, inconspicuous area. It is possible to use the coating to clean the entire floor if it is clean and unbroken. Hot water can damage floors, so use warm water instead. It will not leave marks if done correctly.

Using The Cleaner

This is the next step that comes when you have selected the product you are going to use on the laminated floor. There are several methods to apply the cleaner on the laminate.

By following the instructions correctly, you can expect the best result without any chance of ruining your floor.


When using the vinegar solution, it is critical to use a small amount at a time. Allowing water to rest on laminate for too long will cause it to distort, so avoid soaking it in excessive volumes of liquids.

This also allows you to mop the entire area without having to walk on the wet floor. You won’t be bothered by the vinegar’s fragrance because it only lasts for around ten minutes.

Start with a tiny area and work your way up from there. When is the best time to do this? Spray the following area (area 2). Return to the initial location and remove the solution by wiping it up.

Once you’ve cleaned the next portion, wipe down the previous one. Repeat this back-and-forth motion until you’ve covered the entire surface.


Use a clean microfiber mop to clean small parts of the floor in the same direction the laminate is curved. Before each usage, wring it out. String mops are not recommended for laminate floors because they contain too much water, which can cause damage to the surface. Your floor should appear slightly moist but free of streaks.

To clean the entire floor, use the cleaner and a mop to apply it evenly.

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Dry Them

Once the surface of your room has been cleaned and is free of any stains, dry it. Microfiber cloths can be used as absorbents in the event that a considerable volume of water is left behind. If not, let it air dry. To preserve the shine of the laminate, make sure none walks on it while it is still wet.

Once the floor has dried, inspect it in the light to see if there are any lingering dull areas. To restore the luster, use a dry towel to rub and buff them.

Homemade Cleaning Products

Homemade cleaning remedies, such as baking soda, vinegar, and Castille soap, can be used instead of harsh chemicals or less-than-adequate cleaning goods.

Your laminated floor would benefit from any one of these methods of sanitizing. Maintaining your laminated deck is the first line of protection; therefore, it’s essential to keep it looking its best. To get the best results, be sure to sweep before utilizing any of these procedures.

Vinegar Cleaner For Laminates

We have discussed earlier that vinegar can be an excellent cleaner for your laminate. Here in this part, we are going to shed more light on the process so that you wouldn’t have any trouble while following this method.

Required Things: ½ cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of running alcohol, ½ cup of water, microfiber cloth, and spray bottle.


Despite the fact that vinegar is an easy-to-use cleaner, you must dilute it before you can use it. When you’re ready to use the spray bottle, mix the items mentioned above.

Vinegar can be used to clean floors that have accumulated a lot of grime and need a little disinfecting, such as after a spill. An excellent general maintenance procedure; however, you may need to attempt another if that doesn’t work.

Here Are The Steps:

  • Spray the solution on a tiny patch of the floor to get a feel for the flow. Keep it out of the path to prevent tripping over it.
  • You can use the spray bottle to apply a light and even layer of paint. Keep in mind that you don’t want to flood the floor if you overdo it.
  • Spread the solution evenly on the laminated floor with your microfiber mop. Using a microfiber mop, carefully rub it in both directions will make it shine.
  • To avoid walking on anything, make your way in portions until you reach a place where you may safely exit.
  • You can then wipe it with a microfiber cloth once it has been air-dried for 30 minutes.

Baking Soda Cleaner For Laminates

In addition to the alkaline powder and moderate scouring agent, baking soda is a good cleanser for removing dirt and grime. Laminate floors may be cleaned with this product because it is safe to be used.

Required Things: 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of dishwashing detergent, 1 2/3 cups baking soda, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 2 sponges.


You’ll be utilizing a sponge rather than a microfiber cloth in this one. To reap the full benefits of the concoction, you must mix the ingredients right before you start the process.

This is the best method for removing the most stubborn stains from the laminate. In contrast, when baking powder and vinegar are in a chemical reaction, it is most potent and effective.

Even though it’s practically saltwater when it’s done, it still works. For tiny spaces and quick jobs, this is better than a complete room.

Here Are The Steps:

  • Check to see that all of the water, detergent, and vinegar have been thoroughly combined before using. Move to the farthest area from the door with a bucket of water. As a result, you’re not confined to the space.
  • Swipe the solution on small areas of the room, just like you would with vinegar. Use the chemical reactions to your advantage by sprinkling baking soda on the floor.
  • Do moderate circles around the affected area while avoiding squeezing it too hard to prevent it from dribbling.
  • Once it’s been cleaned, wring out the sponge with your other hand and submerge it in water. Then, with a clean, moist sponge, wipe away any remaining cleaning solution.
  • Air-dry the area for 30 minutes after using the method for the necessary amount of time to clean.
  • Sweep or vacuum up any remaining baking soda residue.

If there is only a small area that is extremely difficult to fix, rather than a somewhat larger area than requires cleaning, you can check out this alternative:

  • If this is the case, you can skip the baking soda and just use vinegar instead. Once it has dried and hardened, you can vacuum or broom it up.
  • Make sure to sand and polish the area afterward.

Soap Cleaner For Laminates

Laminated flooring may be cleaned using soaps at home because soap is a frequent ingredient in cleaners. To produce your own cleaner, you can purchase Castile soap.

With no added chemicals, this soap is nevertheless highly effective. As a result, it’s one of the three most user-friendly cleaners on the market.

Required Things: Water, Castile Soap, spray bottle, and a microfiber mop.


With just soap and water, you can mop your floors. Alternatively, if there is no major mess, but it has been a long time since you’ve cleaned, you can use it right there on the spot.

Here Are The Steps:

  • Spray a small amount of soap and warm water into a spray bottle. You may add two-three drops of any essential oil that you like to the container to enhance the aroma.
  • Spray the farthest region from the door with the mixture and then mop the area in the direction of the grain with the microfiber mop.
  • Mop tiny parts of the floor at a time as you go along. Until the entire room is finished.
  • Afterward, allow the room to air-dry for 30 minutes.

Ways To Polish Laminates

You can use a microfiber mop to polish laminates rather than a buffer to polish laminates. Cleaning up all of the dust, filth, and debris on your floor is the first step in polishing it.

One of the finest ways to bring out the wood-like beauty and gloss of your flooring is to polish it. You’ll have to check to see if you’ve got the proper equipment.

In addition to being useful, it does not contain any dangerous ingredients and is gentle in the environment. Affordably priced microfiber mops are available for use at home as well. To buff your floor properly and keep it clean, you’ll need a microfiber mop.

Here Are The Steps:

  • Before using the microfibre, wring it out to remove any excess water.
  • A slip-and-fall accident can be avoided by ensuring it is firmly attached to your mop and will not come off.
  • Pour or spray polish solution over the floor, ensuring its even distribution across the surface. For the best effects, concentrate on a tiny region at a time.
  • Please make sure the area is coated with a beautiful wet coating by gently brushing the mop over it with the grain first and then with it.
  • Once the entire floor is covered, allow it to air dry for 30 minutes before moving on to the next section. Please don’t step on it at this time.

How To Maintain Laminate Floor Shine

Following the steps mentioned above, you can bring back the lost shine of your laminate floors. However, there is no denying that the job is tedious and time-consuming. Would you like to perform it now and then? Of course not.

But you want to own a pale and bland laminated floor that doesn’t even speak for itself. There comes the relevance of maintenance. To maintain the upkeep of the laminates, you must follow the below-mentioned tips to help the shine last for a long time.

If you are dealing with bubbles on your laminate floorings then we recommend you read this article on it prepared by our experts.

Regular Dusting

If you use a vacuum or a broom, make sure you don’t damage the flooring. Choosing a microfiber cloth to clean the floor might help prevent the top layer from peeling off. Make sure your vacuum doesn’t contain a beater bar when you’re vacuuming, as this might cause a buildup of dirt and grit.

Right Type Of Mop

We now know that one of the most common causes of laminate flooring damage is excessive moisture, so it’s imperative that we use the right mop. The type of fabric dictates the sort of mop to use. There should be enough absorbency to keep the mop cloth dry and not sopping wet while you clean.

Spraying In Sections

It is also possible to maintain shine to your laminates by spraying them with a suitable amount of water in sections. Experts prefer this procedure because it uses only a small amount of water, which ensures that the presence of moisture won’t exacerbate the creaks in the floor.


Ensure that the spillage of drops of water or tea on the laminate flooring is cleaned and taken care of immediately. Refusing to clean right away could result in the liquid being absorbed into the flooring’s creaks, resulting in irreparable damage.

In addition, if the spillage is ignored and not thoroughly cleaned up, the luster may be diminished. Always keep in mind that laminate floors can be water-resistant, but they cannot be completely impervious to liquids.

Remove Residue

Even the tiniest of residues can have a significant impact on the shine of your laminate flooring. It’s also important to keep an eye out for specks of hair, thread, and other debris that may have slipped through the cleaning process.

Restrict Footwear

Footwear is a major contributor to the buildup of dust on laminate floors. Make sure to discuss this issue with your family and try to enforce either a “no footwear” or “comfortable home slippers” policy. Additionally, you can acquire a thick dust-absorbing welcome mat to deal with the problem of dust.

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Importance Of Concealers

Denting of the laminate flooring can occur if you don’t put pads under the furniture. Maintenance touch-up kits can be purchased in order to address this issue.

Crayons and Color pencils and are common filler tools in this set. Damage, dings, and scratches in laminate flooring can be concealed with the right filler equipment.

Proper Pest Control

Termites and ants may wreak havoc on your laminate flooring in a matter of minutes. It is possible for these insects to establish a home in the floor squeaks, which could lead to a variety of illnesses.

It’s essential to get the correct pest control services on a regular basis. As a precaution, keep the pest controllers aware of the laminate flooring beforehand to ensure that they don’t apply any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Restrict Sunlight

To get their daily dose of Vitamin D, most people open up their windows and pull back their curtains in the morning. But if the laminates get exposed to direct sunlight regularly, they may eventually fade. The use of blinds would be perfect for protecting the flooring from the sun’s harmful rays.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, we have covered all the necessary points on how to make laminate floors shine that would help you bring back and maintain the shine of your laminated floor.

We believe when you have invested a hefty amount in installing a laminated floor to go with your home theme properly, you shouldn’t give up on it so quickly.

We know that time is the ultimate killer, and your laminated floor can’t outrun its typical durability; however, with your efforts and determination, you can postpone the regular decay easily, and that’s what we have tried to guide you with.

Even while scrubbing your laminate floors may seem like a complex operation, it can actually be relatively simple if you use the appropriate laminate floor cleanser and procedure.

The methods listed above are necessary if you want to maintain the luster of your laminate flooring at home. Maintaining good hygiene standards and ensuring that you have a dust rug or mat to avoid bringing in dirt and debris from shoes is essential.

If the shine is already gone from the laminate despite not being that old, you can always follow the methods discussed. Just follow all safety measures and the right products to prevent ending up with something worse.

Lastly, we can say that DIY is an undoubtedly exciting and budget-saving option, but if you still don’t get to fulfill the purpose by the procedures, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

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