Common COREtec Flooring Problems [DIY Ways To Fix]


This is the complete article on the common COREtec flooring problems and easy DIY ways to fix them. Before knowing about COREtec flooring, it is important to gain a brief idea about what it is?

What Is COREtec Flooring All About?

The name COREtec flooring came to the scene after it was invented by USFloors, which now comes under Shaw Industries Brand.

This particular type of vinyl flooring collection was known for its longevity. This particular type of vinyl flooring grabbed maximum popularity due to its appealing finishes.

If you have implemented one such flooring for restoring your property, you must have faced certain issues about it. Right?

In fact, there are plenty of people who had invested in this particular type of flooring earlier. If you are one of those, today’s article is definitely meant for you.

It is expected that the following information will help you to fix the flooring-related issues that popped up in COREtec flooring.

Before knowing about the fixes, it is essential for you to know as a user the common COREtec problems that frequently bother your existing COREtec floor.

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List Of COREtec Flooring Problems

COREtec floors were a popular way of redefining the interior flooring of the customers once. However, this particular flooring type lost its popularity because of some of the major drawbacks in the particular flooring type that has been shared below.

class=”gb-headline gb-headline-fec00424 gb-headline-text”>Scratch-resistant, But Not Scratch-Proof Completely

One of the famous taglines used in COREtec flooring was that their products were scratch resistant. It was one of the main reasons for maximum people to prefer COREtec floors for commercial and residential properties.

The thick layer of the product to withstand wear and tear was expected to withstand scratches. But dragging heavy furniture on the surface of COREtec vinyl flooring did not appear to be a wise option.

Often moving heavy furniture on this particular type of vinyl floor led to multiple scratch marks on the floor surface. That was one of the reasons for which this particular floor variety lost its popularity amongst floor renovation service seekers.

Ineffective To Resist Radiant Heat

Unlike popular vinyl flooring types, COREtec vinyl floors are ineffective in resisting radiant heat. The COREtec flooring has a cork in the underlay, which is soundproof and ensures better cushioning.

Though the brand claimed that the underlay cork is a suitable solution for heat transfer, it is not at all a good option as multiple customers have found it not at all a good option for resisting heat in their COREtec floors. That’s another major disadvantage of this particular type of flooring.

Quite Costly In Comparison To Other Flooring Types

One of the biggest disadvantages of this particular variety of COREtec vinyl flooring is they are costly. The biggest problem is the prices of these floors vary on the basis of the lines, wear layer and the colors.

The basic costing of area per square foot started from 2.90-3.50US$, and the maximum measurement of the square per foot reached 4.00-4.85 US$.

A number of customers have found it not at all an affordable option for themselves. As a matter of fact, COREtec flooring lost its popularity amongst the buyers.

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Repeated Complaints Lodged About Planks Getting Separated

One of the main reasons for maximum people to prefer COREtec flooring is to implement floating floors in their houses. Initially, maximum customers expected it to be a unique way to ensure a floating floor in the house.

But the biggest problem with this particular flooring type is- the boards or planks tend to bounce whenever foot traffic increases on the particular type of flooring.

The non-level surface on the flooring often compelled the COREtec floorboards planks to separate. The worst part is these floors did not appear effective in checking the water from seeping into the underlying plank.

Such issues often led to peeling and curling. That was one of the reasons for which the subfloor needed to be removed by installing COREtec flooring.

Peeling And Curling Are A Constant Issue

One of the main problems with this particular flooring type is they are not at all durable in the long run. Though the company ensures the long-term durability of their product, compared to other types of flooring, they do not even last for 3-5 years.

Whereas, when it comes to solid hardwood, the long-lasting quality of hardwood floors is expected to last for at least 100 years. The COREtec vinyl floors are pretty prone to wear out after a certain point in time.

That is the only reason for which the glue along the edges of the flooring tends to come out from the corner of the planks.

The worst part is the COREtec LVP floors start curling after a certain point in time. That invites maximum dust and debris to collect beneath the underlay layer of the floors. Often that makes it compulsory to restore the COREtec flooring.

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Floor Cushions Are Not Comfortable For The Users

Though the COREtec products belonging from the ‘COREtec One’ are considered relatively budget-friendly, the main problem with this particular type of flooring is they are not at all suitable for the cork underlayment provided in the flooring is not at all durable one.

Apart from that, this particular variety of flooring lacks proper cushioning. Multiple customers complained that the floor appears hard while walking on it barefoot.

Apart from that, ineffective heat insulation and sound dampening are major reasons for maximum buyers to avoid COREtec flooring for a long time.

Not An Eco-Friendly Option At All

It is difficult for some of the leading interior flooring renovation specialists to admit that CORETec EVP floors are eco-friendly. The chemicals available in it are known for reducing indoor air quality.

At times it has also been considered a reason to trigger asthmatic problems with people already having bronchitis. That makes the COREtec floors the safest option for you in various ways.

Whereas COREtec GreenGuard is considered safe to use, the amount of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is considered relatively less in it.

The other flooring options, like natural hardwood, do not contain VOC, and that is why they are considered as a suitable eco-friendly alternative to COREtec vinyl flooring.

Now that you are aware of the common problems frequently noted in COREtec flooring, it is wise to know a bit about common DIY fixes associated with this particular flooring type.

According to the leading interior flooring renovation experts, these problems can be fixed with a few pro-DIY tips to rectify the faulty flooring. Some of those tips have been shared below in detail.

Take a look into those as well.

Few Possible DIY Fix To Repair COREtec Flooring Problems

COREtec flooring is known for multiple issues, as per the report shared by the buyers. According to the reports shared by some of the buyers who preferred COREtec flooring encountered the following flooring problems. Here are a few DIY fixes shared below for solving the common COREtec problems.

Choosing A Rustic COREtec LVP Flooring Pattern

Choosing a rustic COREtec LVP flooring pattern is always wise to avoid minor scratches on the floor. The minor scratches will not be visible on COREtec LVP floors.

The best part is, even if you are dropping sharp objects on the floor, the design will eventually conceal those scratch marks. It’s a smart DIY restoration idea to conceal the scratch marks on COREtec LVP floors.

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Choosing COREtec One LVP For Blocking Radiant Heat

Since you are installing COREtec floors, you need to admit the fact that the flooring material you have used cannot resist heat. So, are you going to restore the whole model?

Of course not! It will be a costly deal for you. Well, choosing the COREtec One LVP flooring option is a far better option. Since this particular floor does not have the option of cork underlayment, this flooring will be an effective option for heat transfer.

If you are planning a DIY fix, you may consult the internet or other YouTube videos to get a better restoration idea.

Use Level Mixing Compound To Avoid Planks Getting Separated

Multiple users have complained that the COREtec flooring levels are uneven with that of the subfloor leveling. During such situations, a floor leveling compound is a good option.

Such floor mixes are a unique idea to fill up the low areas and imperfections. You can also use it on the topcoat of your COREtec flooring to make the levels even.

That will ensure maximum comfort while walking on the floor. You won’t feel a single indifference while moving on those floors.

Select Any One From COREtec Flooring Collections Except COREtec One line

If you are unable to afford the restoration process of removing the entire COREtec flooring pattern, there is a quick fix to restore the floor cushioning of your COREtec flooring.

You can choose COREtec collections instead of choosing COREtec One line. It will always help you to get a comfortable cushion for your existing COREtec floor.

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Replace The Old Adhesive With New Ones

The common problem noted with COREtec flooring is the floor starts peeling and curling after a certain point in time. It might be after a few years of time.

Well, the fact is, if you are choosing COREtec flooring, the adhesive upon the edges of your plank will lose its strength, weakening the plank edges.

It is quite common for the plank edges to peel and curve after that. That is why you must replace the old adhesives and replace them with a newer ones.

Once the edges are re-glued with a good adhesive, the peeling and curving issues will no longer bother your existing flooring at all.

Reinstall The Old Flooring With Newer Ones

It is essential to reinstall new floors if you find that the gaps between the COREtec planks are gradually increasing. At the same time, some homeowners may opt for commercial wax filler to fix the issues.

But for some of the leading renovation specialists, it might not be a very wise option at all. It will take time and will incur sufficient expenses to replace them one by one.

Whereas, by option for a complete flooring restoration will enable you to get rid of the entire flooring pattern. And, of course, a one-time investment is always more valuable than multiple investments on your existing flooring pattern. Isn’t that wise?

Choose CORETec EVP Virgin Vinyl Flooring

It is always wise to choose the COREtec virgin flooring option to ensure that the floors are comparatively eco-friendly than the other COREtec flooring options available.

Such flooring materials are known for their comparatively lower VOC levels. That way, you can always ensure safety for the residents of your house.

Though there are plenty of disadvantages associated with CORETec flooring, however, the warranty ensured by COREtec flooring is a unique advantage associated with this particular type of flooring. That includes the warranties covered in it.

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Few Warranties Covered In COREtec Flooring

The COREtec flooring collections are known for offering lifetime warranties on certain product lines. That includes- COREtec Plus, COREtec Plus Pro, and COREtec One. As a buyer of COREtec floors, you may expect the following warranties in the COREtec products under the following situations,

Any Defect Leading To Manufacturing Process

The brand ensures a 100% warranty on the COREtec floor planks by ensuring they are defect-free. On finding any defect in core voids, issues with the dimensional stability, or delamination, you can get the warranty claim with valid proof as mentioned by the company in the compensation guidelines.

Wear-Free Products

All COREtec products are wear-free due to increased durability. The product is meant for everyday use; that is why the design or print layer on the surface of the product is never expected to fade away.

But the warranty does not include the superficial damages. That is why you should be aware of looking into the damage type before initiating a complaint to get compensation from the house of the manufacturers.

A Structural Warranty For Lifetime

CORETec products ensure a lifetime structural warranty on their products. If you find a single dispute with the product structure, Shaw Industries will initiate replacement costs from their end. However, the warranty does not cover additional labor expenses.

Lifetime Pet And Waterproof Warranty

COREtec, now the Shaw industry, ensures lifetime pet and waterproof warranty on their products. Common issues like pet soiling or puke come within the warranty coverage from the company. But if it is not the pet puke, you may not get compensation from the company’s end.

Common issues like everyday water spills, floor cleaning moisture or mold-related issues, and damaged subflooring due to moisture are quite common in maximum houses.

That is why the company provides compensation for all these common issues. But if your subfloor has exceeded the limit of the moisture conditions, getting compensation might be a problem from the manufacturers of Shaw industries.

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Final Verdict

If you have already installed COREtec flooring in your house, it is important to consider all the common COREtec flooring problems and their DIY solution that have been shared above in detail.

It will help you to identify your situation from the problems along with the popular fixes that have been shared above. If you are looking for a DIY fix, then also the remedies mentioned above can be helpful.

Whereas, if your flooring-related problems are suitably meeting the criteria of the compensation, the Shaw manufacturers will take care of it. The best part is you don’t have to spend a single buck on restoring those defects in COREtec flooring.

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