Best Hardwood Floor Polishes 2022 (Hardwood Floor Revival)

best hardwood floor polishes house whirl

Polishing your hardwood floors can be a tricky deal unless you don’t have the right hardwood polishing material at your home. Usually, the sealed hardwood variety requires special treatment when it looks dull and shabby after not being taken proper care of for years. If you’re looking ahead to restore the polished look of your … Read more

Best Vacuums For Small Apartments 2022 [Light & Compact]

best vacuums for small apartments house whirl

Your small apartment also accumulates a large amount of dirt that you can’t even imagine. Normal or traditional sweeping and mopping may not be effective enough to clean the entire dust and debris. You will need a good vacuum eventually to keep your small apartment hygienic and shining. But, where will you store the huge … Read more

How To Rehydrate Wood Floors [Simple DIY Process]

how to rehydrate wood floors house whirl

If your wood floor is exposed to excessive dampness, it could suffer significant damage; the same is true if it becomes dried out or dehydrated. When wood floors get dehydrated, they might experience shrinkage, cupping, creaking, gapping, and cracking, among other problems. As a result of their low level of elasticity, wood floors are susceptible … Read more

Best Dust Mops 2022 (Multi-Surface) (Tested & Approved)

Best Dust Mops (Multi-Surface) (Tested & Approved)

Dusting and cleaning your floor often seems quite challenging when you don’t have the right cleaning tool at your home. Often DIY floor cleaning enthusiasts prefer good cleaning equipment for the removal of debris and dust on hard floors. That’s because some dust can be too arrogant to remove from your floor in a single … Read more

Best Way To Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring (Easy DIY Process)

best way to clean textured vinyl flooring house whirl

When you’re on a tight budget and still want high levels of efficiency, textured vinyl is a great option. Despite the fact that these floorings are non-recyclable, they have a longer life span. People tend to rely on these surfaces quite a bit. This type of flooring is much easier to clean than other types … Read more

Ceramic Tiles Flooring Pros & Cons [Extensive Guide]

Ceramic Tiles Flooring Pros & Cons [Extensive Guide]

Are you seeking flooring that is possible to be utilized in multiple rooms of the house, such as the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom? Ceramic tile is a beautiful flooring option, but it has several pros and cons that you should learn before putting it down in your home’s flooring. Additionally, determining if … Read more

Best Vacuums For Tile Floors 2022 (Portable & Powerful)

best vacuums for tile floors house whirl

Tile floors are an area with low suction possibility. It has been found that many homeowners are often complaining that their vacuum is unable to clean the entire dirt and debris accumulated on their tile floors. This is because they fail to find out the right product for their tile floors. This was a proven … Read more

Are Epoxy Floors Slippery? (All You Need To Know)

are epoxy floors slippery house whirl

When it comes to epoxy flooring for the garage, one of the most common problems is how slippery they get when wet. Manufacturers advocate a diverse range of anti-slip additives, ranging from aluminum oxide to sand to polymer-based grit. It can be difficult to choose the right one. Garage floor coatings made of resins, such … Read more

Best Vacuums For Stairs 2022 (Tested By Professionals)

best vacuums for stairs house whirl

This goes without saying that stairs are one of the most high-traffic areas in your house. This becomes imperative to clean the stairs and vacuum those almost every day. There shouldn’t be any compromise with the cleanliness when it comes to stairs. The need of the hour is getting a vacuum that works on your … Read more

Best Carpet Sweepers 2022 (Expert Recommendations)

best carpet sweepers house whirl

It’s no wonder that floor carpets turn dirty after a few years, no matter how much dollars you spend on them. That’s because, if you’re buying a good carpet, you need to take care of it! That’s because winter and rainy seasons are the best time for your carpet to acquire dampness and mildews. Once … Read more

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